What is the song played in the commercial on ION TV that celebrates the women of ION TV?

ION TV appears to share the same stance on advertising as some brands, which is to create made-for-television commercials that limit the information shared.

ION TV is an American free-to-air network, therefore, most of its promotional campaigns are on television. As a network, the company needs to celebrate common holidays and days of commemoration, such as International Women’s Month.

The network celebrated the leading women from its various shows through a commercial spotlighting the women of ION TV. One aspect of the commercial that capture the interest of viewers was the song choice.

Due to the network being on television, attempting to populate the commercial online would be counter-productive. Therefore, the commercial is only available for viewing on the network. As such, the song used in the commercial is unknown. Normally, when a commercial is placed online, finding out the finer details is relatively easier.