What is the song name in the 2021 commercial on Nivea essentially commercial?

The Nivea essentially commercials have used a variety of jingles over the years, which have been adapted to contain lyrics that match the context of the commercial being released.

The Nivea essentially commercials have been applauded for their inclusive stance and representation. In every new commercial, a different woman is shown to be using Nivea products as evidence of its inclusivity. Moreover, in the creation of the commercial, the choice of music appears to be deliberate.

Musically, the commercials generally follow the same template. Most of the songs used are soundtracks which are available on various music libraries. Most commercials’ soundtracks are devoid of lyrics, with the female voiceover carrying the entire commercial.

However, sometimes, towards the end of the commercial, there will be a snippet of lyrics that speak to the commercial’s narrative and the female voiceover. Therefore, the songs are often not commercial singles, but rather, soundtracks that can be bought and modified from music libraries.

Watch the commercial below.