What is the song in the new Samsung Galaxy S21 commercial?   

Samsung sent music lovers into a frenzy with the release of its new Galaxy S21 commercial, which has a song that many are questioning the title and artist of.

Samsung released a commercial to introduce the new Galaxy S21 smartphone on Thursday, 17 January 2021. The commercial was shared to showcase the new offering from the electronics company, specifically, the new Galaxy range of the Samsung smartphones, comprising the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus.

The 30-second commercial was meant to showcase the unique colours that the range is available in. Moreover, according to Samsung, the range has “a unique contour-cut camera to create a revolution in photography — letting you capture cinematic 8K video and snap epic stills, all in one go. And with Galaxy’s fastest chip, strongest glass, 5G and an all-day battery, Ultra easily lives up to its name.”

However, a matter that was of further fascination was the name of the soundtrack used in the commercial. The upbeat, electronic and dance music (EDM)-inspired single became topical upon the commercial’s debut, as viewers wanted to know the name of the song. Naturally, millennials first used the Shazam app to attempt to find the name or artist behind the soundtrack. Despite Shazam being created specifically for that purpose, it reportedly yielded no results. Fans of the song then attempted to visit community chat groups and online communities to find out if there was anyone with knowledge on the source of the song. However, that also proved to be a dead end.

Samsung has also reportedly maintained its silence on the title and artist/s behind the song. This has sparked speculation that the song was produced by Samsung, however, that has yet to be confirmed.

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S21 commercial below.