What is the song in the Graton Casino commercial?

When Graton Resort and Casino releases commercials, it is often the soundtracks that receive the most attention; to date, there are two songs that have become synonymous with its commercials.

Graton Resort and Casino has released commercials that have received attention because of their soundtracks, in addition to the visuals. To date, there are two commercials that were created by the resort that still receive attention for the soundtrack choice more than anything else.

The first time a Graton commercial used a song that captured the audience’s attention was back in 2017, with the “All In” commercial. The company used Clean Bandit’s hit single, Rather Be, featuring Jess Glynne, in the commercial. The song provided the necessary energy and upbeat mood to support the visuals. Immediately after the release of the commercial, it received much attention, as people inquired about the song, which soon became a trend in subsequent commercials. This was the case with the second commercial released by Graton, which followed soon after the aforementioned commercial.

The second commercial was released in 2018. The 30-second commercial showcased the different activities available at the Graton Resort and Casino. In particular, it highlighted the casino and other activities available on the premises, including the multitude of restaurants, the spa, pool area, and the setting for meeting new people.

For the commercial, the company opted for a lively, upbeat, electric guitar-based single. Questions on the soundtrack begun to arise, however, it was just over a year later that the single was revealed. This can be attributed to the fact that the commercial had modified the original song. The song was the 2017 single by Portugal. The Man, titled Feel It Still.

Watch the commercial below.