What is the dog breed in the beginning of the Simparica Trio commercial?

Simparica Trio released a commercial which has received attention for the Labrador Retriever puppy featured in it, despite there being two other dog breeds in the commercial.

In June 2020, Simparica Trio released a commercial aimed at encouraging dog lovers to entrust it with the health of their dogs. The commercial later made it onto Vet Valley Supply’s YouTube channel. The animal health-based platform is one of the suppliers of Simparica Trio products.

The commercial showcases the health benefits of using Simparica Trio to maintain the health of one’s dogs. Therefore, the commercial begins with a single dog walking with its owner. The commercial then suggests that the dog has no fleas because of the use of Simparica Trio tablets that help tackle that issue.

Thereafter, a second dog is introduced, which also appears walking with its owner. The second dog is meant to confirm that owners that give their dogs Simparica Trio prevent them from getting heartworm disease. The third scene in the commercial features a puppy that is meant to indicate when it is safe for pet owners to begin giving their furry friends the tablet. The commercial then showcases the benefits of having a healthy dog, as the owners are shown happily playing with their dogs.

The commercial’s showstopper is the use of the Labrador Retriever puppy, which has led to numerous inquiries about the type of bread the puppy is. The commercial was strategic in the use of one of the most beloved breeds, as it ensured that the commercial gained the necessary traction.

While the commercial initially uses a steady, eye-level shot for the introductory scene, a closer shot of the dog and its owner is later shown. Moreover, the angle of the camera changes to a high angle one, with the dog looking at the camera to emphasise the cute, puppy-dog eyes. This is a common showcase in films and television shows, especially animated content. This tactic is used to indicate innocence, which is normally associated with someone attempting to manipulate the other to have their way.

Watch the commercial below.