What is the city skyline in the T-Mobile commercial?

One of T-Mobile’s most iconic commercials features the T-Mobile skyline that was erected at the headquarters of the telecommunications company in downtown Kansas.

In December 2019, T-Mobile made it official that it was one of the first telecommunications companies to establish its own 5G standalone network. The matter of 5G is a contentious one because of the ongoing conspiracy theories. However, T-Mobile has, for the past two years, positioned itself in the market as pioneers after achieving the feat.

The commercial in question is an over 90-second-long one that starts off at the headquarters of T-Mobile, with two scientists preparing to initiate the nationwide 5G coverage. After ensuring that everything is in order, the scientists initiate the launch which spreads throughout the United States.

The last shot in the commercial is a reimagined take on the Kansas City skyline. Downtown Kansas is where the headquarters of the company are. Therefore, the company continues to pay homage to the city through featuring it in its commercials.

Watch the commercial below.