What is the car in Allstate commercial with Pet Shop Boys song?

The car in the Allstate commercial with the Pet Shop Boys’ song is a modified version of a 2020 BMW 4 Series, whose emblem has been adapted to serve a special purpose in the commercial.

Allstate produced yet another memorable music-led commercial with the release of its “Duet” commercial in February 2021. The commercial’s success may be due to the song performed by the man and the emblem of his car during a sentimental moment between them.

Another aspect that has captured the attention of the public is the make of the car in the commercial. Due to the touching moment between the man and his car, people have inquired about the make of the car. However, the make of the car is difficult to determine, due to the brand being non-existent and created for the purpose of the commercial.

Despite this, the car seems to resemble a 2020 BMW 4 Series that has been modified for the purpose of the commercial. This suggestion is based on the side profile of the car and the detail on the side mirrors. Moreover, the detail of the car’s radio system and interior allude to it being a BMW 4 Series.