What is the bridge in the Lincoln car commercial?

Lincoln commercials have made use of numerous bridges over the years, but in 2017, there were public service announcements regarding the closure of bridges in the Middle Keys because of a Lincoln commercial shoot.

Lincoln commercials have featured many iconic US bridges over the years. The luxury SUV car brand, alongside its celebrity endorser and leading actor, Matthew McConaughey, have explored various scenic vantages to continually surprise fans in their advertisements.

In 2020, the brand made use of the commercials it had shot with the actor throughout the six-year relationship, condensing them into a commercial titled Matthew’s Journey: A Reflection on Life. In the compilation commercial, there are two bridges featured.

It is believed that the Lincoln brand made use of the Munroe County’s Middle Keys scene bridge as one of the featured bridges. The bridge stretches out into the scenic space, with the signature three individual lanes that give the illusion of driving on water. In 2017, there were notices of the closure of certain bridges, due to a Lincoln commercial that was being shot.