What did Subway CEO say about the menu changes?

The Subway CEO said the restaurant has changed its core ingredients to introduce menu changes that have led to the biggest refresh in the restaurant’s history.

On Thursday, 15 July 2021, John Chidsey, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Subway, commented on the update of the restaurant’s menu, stating that customers are looking for both fresh ingredients and healthier options. He further stated that most people come to Subway because they know they can rely on the restaurant to deliver.

According to Chidsey, the Subway team came together and conducted a lot of consumer research about the menu. The team reportedly engaged with its franchisees and the main thing that stood out was that people felt like the brand had not innovated its food in the last five to six years. Customers reportedly said they were also looking for more enjoyable food that they would constantly crave.

With the new knowledge, the restaurant went to work on its core ingredients over the last 15 to 16 months. This reportedly led to upgrades on the turkey, ham, bread, avocado, and more core ingredients. Furthermore, Chidsey stated that amongst the new sandwiches and upgrades, there are 20 new things that the restaurant plans to expose to customers. He went on to refer to the menu upgrade as the biggest refresh in the restaurant’s history.

Moreover, Chidsey said that the new innovative menu would likely lead to some price increases because with the rise of inflation, the restaurant industry is reportedly under immense pressure. He added that the restaurant had, nonetheless, worked very hard to offset costs by introducing changes to packaging on a cost-neutral basis.

Lastly, there have been reports that suggest that Subway’s tuna products do not contain real tuna. Chidsey was asked to comment on this matter and stated that according to science, once tuna is cooked, its deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) becomes degraded. He went on to say that the restaurant has a website called subwaytunafacts.com that provides all the scientific details about the matter.