Wendy’s ‘2 for 4 breakfast’ commercial 

Wendy’s 2 for $4 breakfast commercial was an informative commercial which detailed a special which was not widely advertised in physical stores hence the importance of the commercial.

YouTubers took to the platform on Wednesday, 28 October 2020, to circulate the Wendy’s 2 for $4 breakfast commercial. The premise of the commercial was to share the special while encouraging word-of-mouth in the aim of canvassing for new clients. Moreover, the music used in the video is as a filler rather than to drive the narrative. The commercial features the food as its characters with a voice artist driving the visuals and scenes of the commercial. Advertising agencies behind the commercial are Kaplan Thaler Group, VMLY&R Digital and Creative Agencies and  Spark Foundry.

The commercial was a success as it provided clients with information that was allegedly not readily available at Wendy’s outlets. Therefore, the commercial served its purpose by informing the general public with information that would be readily available. Moreover, the commercial was strategic in using the food to showcase the effectiveness of word of mouth. This is as it simultaneously showcased the abundance that Wendy’s has in order to meet the demand the special should have created.

Watch Wendy’s 2 for 4 breakfast commercial below.