Twenty-four: From underdog digit to notable numeral

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The lotto has a way of surprising us and the UK49s is no exception, with digit 24, which claimed the least drawn ball spot for quite some time, climbing the ranks and now acting as the hottest number on the market.

In yesterday’s UK49s Teatime draw, the William Hill Betting TV live lotto draw presenter stated that 24 is, “The hottest ball at present…”

This is a long way from where this now-superstar digit used to be. At least as far as back as July 2019, 24 almost completely dominated the lowest drawn winning number section.

However, as October came to an end, this digit slowly began to grow stronger and we at Avesalia had already begun to notice with articles such as, ‘Is lowly orange twenty-four beginning to climb the UK49s ranks?coming to light.

Well we can finally answer that question with a definite yes as 24 now claims the hottest ball title; its appearance in yesterday’s Teatime draw (6, 11, 24, 25, 40, 49 Booster: 4) marking its fifteenth turn-up within the last two fortnights.