Truth TV’s messaging falls flat in latest commercial

Truth TV has released its contentious commercial, which sees social media influencers encouraging the collective quitting of vaping, however, it arguably failed to have the desired impact.

Truth TV is an online streaming platform that aims to provide wholesome content. Moreover, the online platform focuses on encouraging the youth to part ways with harmful vices, such as smoking, vaping and opioids. Truth TV’s latest commercial specifically focuses on discouraging society from vaping, which is considered unhealthier than smoking tobacco products.

The commercial features influencers such as Jerry Purpdrank, King Victober, and Tosha PTP, who front the commercial titled “This Is Quitting: Quit Together.” The commercial was published on YouTube on Friday, 8 January 2021. Since its release, it has amassed over 350 000 views on YouTube, however, it is the comments that suggest that the views are to critique the commercial, rather than applaud it.

For context, the commercial is premised on the influencers making selfie testimonials on how they plan to quit vaping with the help of their fellow influencers. The commercial ends with a call for other participants to join the lifestyle change, further encouraging them to share their journey on social media.

However, the commercial loses its credibility on two points. Firstly, the manner in which the final edit of the commercial was presented. The commercial comes off light-hearted and like a TikTok challenge, which ultimately makes its lose it seriousness and drown out the call to action. Secondly, the decision of the influencers chosen – Jerry Purpdrank is not a name of an influencer that suggests sincerity in regards to quitting harmful vices.

Therefore, upon watching the commercial, it makes one question how the designated team watched the commercial and believed that it would encourage the youth to stop and join the call to action.