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Top Gosloto Morning winners take home руб 60,736 (R14,228.93) each

Today’s Russia Gosloto Morning draw produced two winners in division two (5 correct numbers) who both took home a decent amount of руб 60,736 (R14,228.93).

Today, Tuesday, 13 August 2019, the Gosloto Morning draw generously rewarded two second-tier winners – both taking home around R14,000 each.

This is the first time since this past Sunday that anyone has managed to take home a division two prize.

Beyond this, the rest of the board didn’t present any more significant wins, with the second-highest amount given out at руб 1,786 (R418.73) to each of the thirty-four individuals and 566 division 4 (3 correct numbers) champs each receiving руб 241 (R56.40).

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