This is why the Liberty Mutual commercial fails to spark humour

Liberty Mutual released a festive season commercial which failed to spark laughs amongst viewers, and arguably did very little to advance the insurance company’s attempt to create a memorable commercial.

Liberty Mutual released its festive season commercial in November 2020, titled Something To Help You Remember: Nostalgia. Therefore, the commercial functions on two levels. Firstly, the invitation to the Liberty Mutual family through the actor that invites viewers to showcase how a commercial that leans on nostalgia supposedly helps in making it more memorable.

Secondly, the ad shows a person of colour’s (POC) family opening their Christmas presents on Christmas morning. The plot twist is that one of the children excitedly receives Liberty Mutual coverage, while brother is disappointed at getting a bicycle.

The commercial fails in its own mandate because nostalgia is associated with feelings of wanting wistfulness and a happy memory. However, the idea of watching a commercial of a child receiving an unwanted Christmas gift falls flat in the regard.

Moreover, from the company’s perspective, the disappointment of the little boy was meant to be the comical relief. However, for a first-time viewer, the disappointment is the last walkaway from the commercial, which, as a lasting memory, would not make you want to be insured by Liberty Mutual.

The comments on the commercial on YouTube also sympathise with the younger brother, rather than celebrate with the gleeful older brother. Moreover, the fact that the older brother knows so much about the product already further reduces the viewers’ suspension of disbelief.

Watch the Liberty Mutual commercial below.