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Thirty-one: Greece Powerball’s stand-out act since the beginning of November

Number 31 seems to shine when it comes to which digits may be up and coming in the future Greece Powerball draw.

When one looks at the most recent Greece Powerball Predictions in comparison with the rest of the Greece Powerball results and predictions since the beginning of this month, it seems clear that 31 is a solid digit to look out for.

Not only did it appear in this prediction’s Hot Pairs (1-16, 31-39, and 20-23) and Hot Numbers (31, 20 and 9), it also stands at the very top of the most commonly drawn winning numbers (“…31, 37, 41, 28, 34 and 21 – with 30 bubbling under.“), and was found in the preceding prediction’s Hot Numbers (31, 8 and 20) as well.