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The ‘top two most promising’ Mega Million’s digits refuse to show face

A recent article purported that numbers 17 and 39 both held a strong likelihood of showing up in the latest Mega Millions draw – it was wrong.

Before the release of yesterday’s Mega Millions results (2, 9, 24, 49, 54 Mega Ball: 19 Megaplier: 3x), an article, namely, ‘The top two most promising numbers for the upcoming Mega Million’s draw‘ asserted that digits 17 and 39 both held, “…a strong likelihood of rearing their lucky heads.”

With neither of these numbers to be found in the final draw, we can see that this assertion was sadly mistaken. However, not all hope is lost, with both 17 and 39 still showing up in both the most recent prediction’s Hot Pairs (9-39, 9-54 and 10-17) and most commonly drawn winning numbers: “…31, 17, 4, 39, 48 and 2 – with 10 bubbling under.

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