State Farm’s ‘She Sheer She Shed’ commercial

State Farm’s She Shed commercial subverts gender norms through the creation of a “she shed,” and goes on to suggest that State Farm takes people at their word. 

On Saturday, 10 August 2019 State Farm’s She Sheer She Shed commercial was posted on YouTube. The premise is a husband and wife calling into State Farm to report a fire at their shed. The shed is specifically named the “she shed” as it is a version of the wife’s man cave. The commercial does not use music and as commercial actors are never given credit; their names are unknown. The agencies and production company by the commercial are listed as DDB Chicago Creative Agency, OMD Media Agency and the MJZ Production Company

The commercial was arguably one of the memorable commercials but it missed. While the subversion was a clever comedic device. The implications of the commercial lean more towards false advertising rather than great customer service. Therefore, the husband suggesting that it was lightning behind the fire when there was no indication of rain or a storm suggests arson. The commercial implying that a client calling in is believed at face value does not sound like an insurance company of any kind. Therefore the relationship is endearing but the premise is just not believable.

Watch State Farm’s She Sheer She Shed commercial below.