State Farm’s ‘I Got You A Dollar’ commercial 

State Farm’s I Got You A Dollar commercial is a comical and pointed commercial which serves its purpose in promoting the brand through a succinct and memorable narrative.

A YouTuber took to YouTube on Sunday, 3 March 20213, to share the State Farm I Got You A Dollar commercial. The commercial is premised on two women in a clothing shop spotting the perfect bag. The one played by Megan Stevenson can afford it due to cashback she received from State Farm. While the other, played by Camille Chen, cannot as her insurance company does not have the same benefits. Other cast members include Anthony Anderson, Peter Looney and Jason Yudoff as the voice. The commercial had Translation, FCB and OMD agencies behind the visuals.

The commercial is successful on many layers. First, is the matter of the concise storyline. Secondly, the fact that the story is memorable long after watching the commercial. Additionally, how the little impromptu jingle further drives the message home. Thirdly, is that the commercial provides not one but two comedic payoffs. First is Chen’s version of the song, then Looney’s baiting with the dollar. All this happens in a commercial with a duration of just over half a minute.

Watch State Farm’s I Got You A Dollar commercial below.