Sonic Drive-In continues to celebrate its real customers

Sonic Drive-In has been creating commercials that use of actors that look like its target market, rather than using actors that are merely aesthetically pleasing.

Sonic Drive-In last released a commercial on Monday, 1 February 2021. The latest commercial is titled “That Kick.” The purpose of it is to promote the new cold beverages that are offered by the fast-food company. The commercial follows the standard structure of a 15-second showcase of a specific product.

In the commercial, a Black couple is seen deciding what drinks they want to have. The woman, who is already holding her first drink, goes on to order herself a signature strawberry lime-ade, with the addition of cranberry. She then adds that the reason she is looking for the addition of the cranberry is to have “that kick.”

The commercial has continued to use actors that represent the real demographic that Sonic Drive-In caters to. The fast-food company has made it a point to continue to showcase who actually buys its products. Although it is believed that most companies profit from the working class, most commercials do not depict that in the choice of actors.

Seemingly, the strategy has worked for the company, as it has continued to use such actors. Moreover, the company uses actors of various races and body types. While the latest commercial makes use of a Black couple, other commercials have differed and been more inclusive as well. One of the previous commercials showcased a variety of different compositions of families sitting in their cars and ordering from the fast-food company.

Another commercial from the company focused on non-English-speaking customers that use Sonic Drive-In. In the commercial, a Spanish family was showcased enjoying a meal outside Sonic Drive-In. The company celebrated its Spanish clientele through using Spanish subtitles, even though the family in the commercial was also speaking Spanish.

Watch the commercial below.