Progressive’s ‘Name Your Price Tool’ commercial 

Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool commercial sees Progressive’s Flo reprise her role as she comes head to head with a combative wife over her husband’s erratic behavior.

A YouTuber took to YouTube on Wednesday, 9 January 2013, and posted Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool commercial. The commercial is fronted by Progressive’s Flo which is the fictional character and the insurance company’s mascot portrayed by Stephanie Courtney. The premise is that of a combative wife (Coco Brown) who confronts Flo over her husband’s (Reggie Currelley) purchase of the Name Your Price tool. The wife is at her wits end as her husband’s use of the tool has “gone to his head.” The commercial was spearheaded by Arnold Worldwide.

Progressive has managed to produce effective commercials which convey the intended message while providing a comical narrative to invite the audience in. The aforementioned commercial does this to the tee. Firstly, it provides an intriguing story which first seems like the wife will confront Flo over an infidelity. Flo not only quells those suspicions but drives the point of the commercial home. Then the payoff comes as we are let into the erratic behavior of the husband as he attempts to juggle working chainsaws.

Watch Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool commercial below.