Progressive Insurance strikes gold with Dr Rick series  

Progressive Insurance introduced Dr Rick and his “parentology” methods through its commercials, which have been advertising gold as Bill Glass’ characterisation has won US households over.

Progressive Insurance, in April 2020, released the first long-form commercial featuring Dr Rick, played by American actor, Bill Glass. Dr Rick is a coach that specialises in his own school of thought called “parentology.”

According to Dr Rick, “parentology” is when new homeowners begin to adopt their parents’ traits because of being first-time homeowners. Therefore, through his self-help classes, he helps young homeowners stop adopting the traits of their family members. The first long-form commercial yielded positive reviews, with the majority of the feedback calling for the return of Dr Rick.

The company then released two short-form videos of 30 seconds each, highlighting some of the most comical moments from the initial commercial. The first saw his focus group embarking on an outing to the supermarket, and Dr Rick teaching the group how to behave unlike their parents. He addressed traits such as speaking on loudspeaker in the supermarket, giving unsolicited advice, or glaring at particularities at the store.

The second video focused on young new homeowners and the manner in which they handle their homes. Dr Rick advised them décor, interactions with the help, as well as maintenance issues relating to the home.

Despite the success of the three aforementioned commercials, it was eight months later that Progressive Insurance released follow-up commercials. In December 2020, Dr Rick returned in two commercials. The first was on exercises for his focus group on how to “unbecome” their parents. The subsequent commercial was presented as a seminar with participants asking questions.

Watch the Progressive Insurance and Dr Rick: Methods’ commercial below.