Progressive brings Flo back for newest commercial  

Progressive Insurance has released its new commercial, marking the return of the insurance company’s favourite personality, Flo, which has prompted mixed reviews in the comments section.

Progressive Insurance published its newest commercial on Monday, 1 February 2021, marking the return of fan-favourite Progressive character, Flo. The commercial is titled “Cute Guy,” and the narrative is as suggested by the title. In the 30-second commercial, a nerdy teenage girl sees her crush – a new boy that has just moved to the area – at a laundromat. While the nerdy girl does not believe that the cute guy could like her, she is proven wrong when her crush approaches her.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be the climax turns out to be anti-climactic, as Flo interrupts the entire situation. To make matters worse, the additional twist in the commercial is Flo further embarrassing the teenage girl in front of the cute guy. Surprisingly, her appearance and return to Progressive commercials was not met with the same glee as in previous commercials.

The actress, Stephanie Courtney, has been assuming the character of Flo for the past 13 years, since making her first appearance in 2008. Through her portrayal of Flo, she has become a household name and a fan-favourite in the Progressive commercials. However, it seems that the narrative she returned with this time did not sit well with viewers.

Comments on the commercial posted on YouTube have been very critical, with some going as far as criticising Flo’s interjection and the overall narrative. The fact that Flo interjected was anti-climactic, but when she went on to embarrass the teenager, that was the last straw for commentators. The commercial unknowingly came across as tone deaf, considering the conversation on consent and privacy, hence the criticism.

Watch Progressive Insurance’s “Cute Guy” commercial below.