Paramount concludes great climb up mountain in new commercial

Paramount has concluded the series of commercials featuring popular Paramount Studios personalities climbing up its iconic mountain, with a surprise awaiting them at the top. 

Paramount Studios has, for the past few weeks, been promoting the launch of Paramount+, which is its upcoming television and film streaming platform. Paramount+ is scheduled to be launched on Thursday, 4 March 2021. However, the series of commercials were released to coincide with the biggest night for American television commercials, the Super Bowl LV.

The last commercial concluded with a cliffhanger that saw the Paramount personalities on their way up the Paramount Mountain. The commercial ended with screams and the question of whether they would all survive the climb.

The latest commercial showcases that the journey to the destination only continued getting precarious, as suggested by the previous one. At 27, 775 ft., the personalities have to deal with one of their group members being affected by a severe case of frostbite, which results in the comical amputation of the affected limb.

Thereafter, at 29, 159 ft., the personalities reach the top of Paramount Mountain. The first to reach the peak is Dora The Explora, who led thr group with the assistance of her talking map. As the personalities start filing in, the person responsible for the sending them up the mountain is then revealed.

The revelation is met with mixed reactions, which leads to agreement on the futility of the task, after it is explained why they had to climb up Paramount Mountain. Moreover, the closing commercial provides the kind of spectacle and surprise that the studio is known for. At the top, three personalities that make up the Paramount family, but did not embark on the great expedition, await the others.