Papa John’s $4 $6 $8 Deals commercial 

Papa John’s $4 $6 $8 Deals commercial is a two-year old commercial which cleverly suggests that the customer will get more than what they will actually get should they purchase the deal.

Papa John’s took to Facebook on Wednesday, 17 July 2019, to share the $4 $6 $8 Deals commercial. The commercial premise is to showcase that a customer could get a pizza with a single topping for either $4 for a small pizza, $6 for medium and $8 for a large. The voice over artist is not a popular name. Moreover, the music in the commercial is used as a filler rather than a driver of the tempo of the commercial. The agency that worked on the commercial is Camp+King.

If the purpose of advertising is to entice then the commercial is a hit. Watching the commercial suggests that the deal will render the customer with three pizzas. This is as there are three pizzas in every scene of the commercial. When in actual fact, the customer will receive only one pizza with a single topping should they pay either $4 for a small pizza, $6 for medium and $8 for a large pizza. Therefore, should a customer go to a Papa John’s having just watched the commercial without a listening ear then they would be disappointed and consider it as false advertising.