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Mega Millions final results manage to evade all predictions

Despite its best attempts, the relevant predictions failed at prophesying any of the most recent Mega Millions final results.

The Mega Millions, which took place yesterday, Tuesday, 3 December 2019, managed to dodge all well-attempted predictions with the use of the following unexpected digits in its final draw: 23, 43, 60, 63, 69 Mega Ball: 19 Megaplier: 2x.

The Mega Millions Predictions, unfortunately and perhaps to the disappointment of some, did not manage to foresee a single one of these winning numbers.

Its top three Hot Pairs (9-54, 17-39, 10-39), top three Hot Numbers (12, 17, 14) and most commonly drawn winning numbers (31, 17, 4, 39, 2, 48, 10) all came out empty-handed.

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