Jack in the Box’s Chicken Dance commercial 

Jack in the Box’s Chicken Dance commercial aimed to capture the TikTok dance craze through its collaboration with Becky G who sings the theme song, Chicken Dance Song.  

A YouTuber took to YouTube on Thursday, 17 December 2021, to share Jack in the Box’s Chicken Dance commercial. The commercial functions as an activation video for the youth and fans of Becky G to do the Chicken Dance challenge. The commercial starts with an overzealous teenager dancing to the introduction of the Chicken Dance Song until Becky G stops him to show him how to dance the steps. Moreover, the commercial was meant to promote the new Chicken Sandwich. The campaign was spearheaded by Struck and Carat Global media agencies.

If the commercial was meant to promote Jack in the Box and its range of chicken offerings, then it was successful. This is as it enlisted a popstar to front the product. Additionally, the commercial went and attempted to infiltrate the TikTok market. TikTok is used as a medium to promote music, amongst other things. Therefore, it seems that the fast food chain used the same logic. However, if the question is did the commercial sell the new Chicken Sandwich; the answer is no. The Chicken Sandwich was easily an afterthought considering how much screen time it got.

Watch Jack in the Box’s Chicken Dance commercial below.