J Molley prepares to release new single, Flower Child, and its music video

Photo Credit: J Molley / Twitter

J Molley’s latest single, Flower Child, is ready for release, but the artist has challenged the masses to help him reach 100 000 followers on Instagram before he debuts the song and its music video.

J Molley took to his Instagram page and posted the teaser for his next single, Flower Child, on Tuesday, 14 May 2019. The artist, who has over 96 000 followers on his official Instagram page, captioned the post with a challenge stating that he needs 100 000 followers and 1 000 comments on the post before he debuts the single and its music video.

The trailer for the music video features a still image of the artist sitting in lotus position, somewhere in an undisclosed location in an Asian country. The trailer opens with wide exterior shots of lush green forestry before it cuts to J Molley walking through reeds, sitting on green grass with the blue sky behind him. He then starts performing the chorus of the song in front of a brightly painted monastery.

The trailer and the music video were shot and co-directed by Banzworldwide. J Molley conceptualised, co-directed and produced the visuals for the trailer and the music video under his entertainment company, Never Broke Productions.

The trailer also gives fans a sample of the song, which was produced by upcoming producer, Stickx. Flower Child starts with synthesised strings from a shamisen, a small bodied guitar popularly used by Geishas, before the 808 kicks in and J Molley describes his version of what a flower child is.

J Molley is still over 3 000 followers away from releasing Flower Child but sits at over 1 200 comments at the time of publication.

Sabelo Makhubo