Is the bear in the Kia commercial real or fake?

The bear in the Kia commercial is real; however, the composition was edited in post-production to suggest that all three parties were together in the same space.

Kia’s most recent popular commercial is meant to promote the Kia Sorento SUV. The new model of the mid-sized SUV has been positioned as a storyteller through its design, so much so that the owner of the car will have no need to affirm its superiority.

Therefore, the commercial starts with the face of a bear looking intently at something that has yet to be revealed to viewers. The bear’s expression suggests that it is slightly perplexed. The commercial then shows that the bear is not alone, as there is an eagle standing beside it. The shots are intercut with the SUV driving in a forest.

Eventually, the driver parks besides the bear and eagle, before the eagle flies away. However, as viewers wonder where it flew off too, the driver has a freshly caught fish land at his feet. The eagle returns to its spot by the bear, and they both acknowledge the driver of the Kia Sorento SUV.

Watch the commercial below.