Is Halston still a brand?

With a long journey that spans over decades, the Halston brand still exists today, and in 2021, it announced a new partnership with Netflix.

The Halston fashion brand was known for its unconfined glamour, celebrity culture and signature garments with excessive fabric. The brand reportedly started off as a hat business, but the owner, formerly known as Roy Halston Frowick, decided to venture into womenswear instead.

In 1973, Halston sold his name and entire line to a businessman called Norman Simon, in exchange for unlimited financial investment while he remained the brand’s main designer. Through the formidable relationship, the fashion brand was reportedly able to venture into perfumes, menswear, and home interior.

Later, the brand was acquired by Esmark Inc. and came with new management that did not approve of the brand direction. Additionally, Halston had reportedly lost control of the business because of a drug addiction. According to reports, he was removed from Halston Limited in 1984, after several disputes that included a refusal to design. The acclaimed designer passed away on Saturday, 26 May 1990.

Following Halston’s death, the brand was reportedly handled by several celebrities, such as Harvey Weinstein, Tamara Mellon, and James J. Ammeen. Furthermore, celebrities who were once part of the team include Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Zoe, Marios Schwab and Marco Zanini. According to reports, the partnerships never made it past four years.

Despite the various controversies and the years that have gone by, the brand still exists today. After Halston’s departure, the brand changed several times and it is now reportedly owned by Xcel Brands. The brand still reportedly produces various lines which are focused on ready-to-wear clothing that keep the original feminine aesthetic alive.

Lastly, today, Halston is premised on modernity, minimalism and interchangeability. Moreover, the brand is reportedly under the radar and no longer hosts runway shows. In May 2021, the brand announced that it was partnering with Netflix to release a 10-piece capsule collection that will reportedly reproduce its signature archival designs and original costumes.