Is Bertazzoni a good brand?

Overall, reports suggest that Bertazzoni is a good brand; however, it does come with some shortfalls, such as not having auto-cook options or electric control panels.

Bertazzoni is a line of Italian-style luxury appliances that mostly specialise in stoves. A Bertazzoni stove comes with modern technology and built-in features that come in stylish designs. The stoves are sleek and they reportedly rival the most luxurious brands.

The design of the stoves can include additional extras, such as a secondary oven and skillet. The other selling point for the stoves is that they can come in different colours. Depending on the model, one has a choice between red, orange, yellow, natural stainless-steel, white and black. This gives the customer flexibility to choose the best colour to go with their kitchen.

According to reports, the stoves do work well, but it ultimately depends on the model. Overall, reviews on the functionality of the brand are quite good, as customers claim that the brand is easy to function. Bertazzoni’s electric ovens come with special settings, such as proofing, dehydrating, defrosting, and they are all stainless steel.

Furthermore, when compared to its competitors, the stove is reportedly less expensive than other high-quality range stoves, such as those from Miele and Wolf. The brand reportedly also has a two-year warranty that is better than Miele and KitchenAid.

However, the brand does fall short in some ways. Bertazzoni reportedly fails to deliver on features such as auto-cook options and electronic control panels. Additionally, its brass burners are reportedly only available for certain models, while other stoves come with lower-quality aluminium burners. On top of that, while some of the full-sized ovens have a dual-fan convection system, some of them do not.

Lastly, it is suggested that people who are interested in the stoves buy the models with brass burners, and measure them properly to eliminate any uneven heating problems. Moreover, a temperature probe or gauge for the oven is highly recommended because Bertazzoni reportedly does not include one.