Is Artusi a good brand?

Overall, Artusi is a good brand that has received praise from customers about the look and performance of its equipment.

The Artusi appliance brand is inspired by Pellegrino Artusi, who is known as the father of Italian cuisine. Artusi has created an appliance range that lives up to his legacy, and rides on the essence of creating loving meals that bring people together.

According to consumer reviews, the products not only come with a modern look, but they are also easy to use. Products such as the outdoor beverage centre, which comes with a Party and Turbo mode, have been praised for being great equipment for entertaining guests.

The products are designed with the modern-day cook in mind. Sleek lines, high functionality, and performance are what make the brand special. All Artusi products are made using the highest global standards that require extensive testing procedures.

Furthermore, in terms of service, the people at Artusi have received numerous praises for serving customers at a very quick rate. One reviewer commented that he has had many stoves in the past, but he has never been as impressed by them as he is with Artusi.

However, some people have reported that the brand’s ovens and grillers come with multiple faults. Some customers allege that the brand’s grillers make a buzzing sound and that the gas stoves are very hard to use.

Despite this, the brand has grown exponentially since its inception because of key retail partners around Australia. Young first-time home buyers, renovators, investors, and the replacement market are the target market for the brand.

Lastly, the brand started with ovens and stoves and over the years, the popularity and growth of the products encouraged the company to venture into various kitchen homeware. Artusi products now include, but are not limited to, built-in ovens, cooktops, stoves, rangehoods, dishwashers, microwaves, clothes dryers, washing machines and washing dryer combos.