Hulu’s three-year relationship with Damian Lillard to introduce Dame D.O.L.L.A

Hulu has continued its working relationship with Damian Lillard in the latest Hulu Sports commercial, following the conversation on the shooting methods of the second commercial.

Hulu and American professional basketballer, Damian Lillard’s partnership started back in 2019, when he was enlisted as one of the faces for the Hulu Sellouts campaign. Lillard’s first feature garnered much attention because of the premise of the commercial, with reports suggesting that the commercial featured the National Basketball Association (NBA) star planning to get a “Hulu has live sport” tattoo. The advertisement has since been deleted for reasons unknown.

In 2020, Lillard continued his working relationship with Hulu. Following the drama that resulted in the aforementioned commercial being deleted everywhere, the second commercial also sparked its own controversy. The commercial was meant to indicate the beginning of a new sporting season and the availability to watch live sports on Hulu. However, the commercial was shot during the early months of the pandemic, when complete lockdowns and social distancing were first introduced.

Therefore, Hulu could not fly Lillard in, which led to the need to shoot remotely. However, it was the last scene that got attention. The attention was over the fact that the commercial had used a body double that had Lillard’s stature and super-imposed his face onto the body for the final shot of the advertisement. The matter was not a secret, as it is reported that both Hulu and Lillard joked about the matter on their social media platforms.

In 2021, the two brands continued their relationship, with Lillard being enlisted to promote the availability of live sports on the platform. The commercial sees Lillard’s rap alter ego, Dame D.O.L.L.A, rapping about Hulu and its bouquet, with constant interjections from a television executive telling him what to do. The end suggests that Dame D.O.L.L.A will be well paid if he delivers the lyrical content required.

Watch Hulu and Damian Lillard commercial below.