Huggies ‘I’m A Big Kid Now’ commercial 

Huggies has released a new range of commercials with a “Big Kid confidence” theme, which is a bizarre take from the company as the visuals reference the Jungle Book.

Huggies on Thursday, 21 January 2021, released the I’m A Big Kid Now commercial. The commercial falls part of the “Big Kids confidence” thematic which aims to showcase toddlers exploring places like the wetlands due to the freedom of wearing pull-up diapers. In the commercial the voice over artists used are unknown. But the marketing campaign enlists the popular characters of the Frozen franchise including Olaf and Elsa. The music used is for ambiance rather than informing the narrative. Huggies’ advertising agency is known as Clockwork Media.

The commercial was not successful in propagating the agenda it set out to propose. Huggies is synonymous with using real children and showcasing how the function of its diapers through the toddlers and infants. Therefore, the use of animation and one that closely resembles the Jungle Book begs the question: did they know? However, what is commendable is the direct use of well-known characters from Frozen. Should the company want to move to animation, it should have done so fully through the Frozen partnership rather than straddle between originality and referencing.

Watch Huggies’ I’m A Big Kid Now commercial below.