How will Peloton’s new video game work?

Peloton is entering the video game business through a music-based in-app video game, which will reportedly involve rhythm and resistance levels.

Peloton announced on Monday, 19 July 2021, that it is getting ready to debut an in-app video game called Lanebreak. The game involves riders changing up their rhythm and resistance levels to achieve various goals and score rewards. The game is reportedly expected to be available only to beta members later in 2021. According to reports, it will officially launch in early 2022.

Players will reportedly be able to choose a difficulty level and the type of music they would like to hear during the game. The game will reportedly offer different ways to win points and be rewarded for challenging other members. The company described the game as a music-based experience that is aimed at getting the highest score possible.

Furthermore, Lanebreak will reportedly allow gamers to control their own avatars and move them along tracks that will face obstacles throughout. Moreover, a move into gaming is reportedly a way for Peloton to diversify its content beyond its livestream classes, which are reportedly taught by famed instructors such as Cody Rigsby and Alex Toussaint.

The incorporation of video games into fitness will reportedly offer a new way of encouraging users to return to make more classes and win more challenges. Additionally, the idea reportedly came after the exercise equipment and media company saw exponential growth when people were quarantined at home because of COVID-19, and had to rely on new ways to exercise.

Peloton will reportedly keep the momentum going by expanding into international markets, including Australia. In addition to that, the company will reportedly be venturing into gym wearables too, by introducing a digital heart rate armband. Lastly, Peloton shares reportedly went up by more than seven percent on Monday, following the announcement. The company has a market cap that is reported to be $35 billion.