How to collaborate with a brand

The best way to collaborate with brands is to firstly understand your career goals, and thereafter, come up with a pitch that highlights your social media analytics.

Influencer marketing has completely changed the digital space and shifted the ways in which people make money. With product placements and sponsored posts all over the Instagram timeline, it may be useful to find out how these brand collaborations come about.

The first step that people take before collaborating with brands is to have a strategy and full understanding of what they want to achieve with the collaboration. This not only includes considering what one’s personal brand and strategy is, but also understanding the target market for the collaboration. A great start is for a person to fully consider their strengths and unique qualities.

Furthermore, once a person has decided which direction they want to take, as well as the target market and brands that make the best fit, it is then time to design a media kit. A media kit is a creative curriculum vitae (CV) which includes all the necessary information about one, such as what kind of influencer they are, previous work, as well as their career objectives.

Moreover, after designing the media kit, one should draw up a list of brands they would like to collaborate with and then start working on a pitch. The pitch should be different based on the particular brand, but the following information remains the same; a short and catchy subject line, include a direct link to the social media platform where your work will be dominant, and relevant statistics such as one’s engagement rate, monthly views and audience demographics.

If a person is new to the industry and they have not worked with any brands before, they should include their monthly growth chart. Lastly, it is important for the brand to know what makes the person they are about to collaborate with different from others. In their pitch, one should always include how the collaboration will benefit the brand’s reach.