How the GEICO commercial introduced Tag Team to a new generation

The GEICO Insurance commercial that stars hip-hop duo, Tag Team, arguably introduced the pair to a new generation of music listeners, considering that the duo is no longer as popular as before.

GEICO prides itself in releasing comical commercials that present an unexpected approach to everyday situations. The brand’s marketing team managed to do so in the latest commercial as well, which stars hip-hop duo, Tag Team.

For some, the title of the commercial alludes to more than one person helping with preparing dessert. For hip-hop enthusiasts, however, it acts as a reminder of Tag Team, a duo that was highly popular in the early 90s, and their hit single, Whoomp (There It Is), which was released in 1993.

Through the commercial, the insurance company allowed for fans of the duo to get an opportunity to see them again, whilst including a play on words in the commercial’s title. For millennials, however, the soundtrack of the commercial, which is Whoomp (There It Is), may be an introduction to the duo.

The mother and father in the commercial, after getting over the surprise of actually having Tag Team in their kitchen, start to dance to the multi-platinum single, which was probably still new and on high rotation when they were young. Their daughter’s reaction, however, shows disinterest in the duo and the song because of a lack of context or understanding of the hype.

Watch the GEICO Insurance and Tag Team commercial below.