How Pizza Hut creates nostalgia with latest commercial

Pizza Hut has released its new commercial for the $10 Tastemaker Pizza, which relies heavily on nostalgia by pairing Craig Robinson and Pac-Man for the reflective showcase.

Pizza Hut released its latest commercial on Monday, 1 February 2021. The commercial seeks to promote the latest special offered by the fast-food company, which is the $10 Tastemaker Pizza special. The special allows for the customer to choose up to three toppings of their choice for the aforementioned price.

The commercial stars The Office actor and comedian, Craig Robinson as the brand ambassador. Moreover, Pizza Hut appears to have prioritised creating a sense of nostalgia in its latest deal and commercial. Pizza Hut managed to do so by not only introducing Robinson as an ambassador, but also incorporating the popular game, Pac-Man, into the latest commercial.

According to Robinson, the premise of the commercial is to reflect on when he was younger and used to play Pac-Man while snacking on pizza. For the sake of the commercial, he specifically refers to Pizza Hut. The commercial then focuses on promoting the deal, while intercutting visuals of Robinson enjoying his two vices; pizza and Pac-Man.

Robinson returns to conclude the commercial by adlibbing the tagline, which states, “No one out-pizzas the hut.” The longer-form commercial, which is 30 seconds long, has also be edited into 15-second and 7-second clips that have been circulated on YouTube, to reduce the risk of it being skipped by viewers.

Overall, the commercial seeks to encourage viewers to reflect on their younger years, playing video and arcade games while snacking on a pizza slice, or spark wonder based on Robinson’s retelling of his own experience.

Watch Pizza Hut’s $10 Tastemaker Pizza commercial below.