How Nintendo Switch’s commercial is an ode to origins of Super Mario

Nintendo, in promoting the Super Mario 3D World, manages to be a subtle ode to the origins of Super Mario Bros., as the popular game has become synonymous with the Nintendo brand.

Nintendo Switch released its series of new commercials on Monday, 1 February 2021. The commercials focus on promoting the new game offerings from the consumer electronics company. The company has been promoting the Super Mario 3D World through the creation of the two commercials.

One of the commercials focuses on the target market, as the premise is a young boy slowly becoming so engrossed with the game that he starts to literally become one of the cats in the game. However, it is not just the boy that starts morphing into a version of the characters in the game, but his siblings too. The commercial is playful and does not make reference to a context that is set beyond the scope of the world of the commercial.

However, the first commercial released to promote the aforementioned game pays tribute to the youthful generations that have been playing the Japanese-created game since it made its entry into the gaming world in the mid-1980s. The commercial is titled “Mom’s Surprise.”

The commercial sees siblings playing Super Mario 3D World before inviting their mother to join them. The mother first struggles with the gaming console, but after she has familiarised herself with the console, she begins to get better at the game, and ultimately triumphs her children. Her win comes as a shock to her children, as their mother then indicates that she has an affiliation with Super Mario that supersedes them.

The commercial is an ode to the earlier generations of Super Mario Bros. players. Super Mario Bros. counts as one of the first popular games that were introduced with video gaming, which has since evolved to what it is today.

Watch Nintendo Switch’s Super Mario 3D World commercial commercial below.