How much does Pat Boone earn from Safe Step commercials?

The matter of Pat Boone’s income from the Safe Step commercials has never been of public discourse, however, the legendary musician and actor’s net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Pat Boone is the celebrity ambassador of the Safe Step walk-in tubs. The commercials are aimed at showcasing that the tub is meant to cater to the elderly, as they cannot risk climbing into a regular bathtub and possibly injuring themselves.

Boone has been recognised as the celebrity ambassador of the walk-in tubs since 2018. At the time, he was already in his eighties, which is when Safe Step partnered with him for a mutually beneficial. During the festive season, the company ran a promotional campaign for buyers to win a Pat Boone album too.

Currently, there has been no public confirmation of how much he earns from his commercials and collaboration with Safe Step. Boone’s estimated net worth is currently $50 million.

Watch the commercial below.