How much does it cost to make a television commercial?

The cost of creating a television commercial is as expensive or inexpensive as however much capital the company or individual has, with a standardised price being on advertising space.

The cost of creating a television commercial is not set in stone, and can be likened to the phrase, “How long is a piece of string?” The reason behind the response is that the cost is dependent on the capital that the individual or company has. To contextualise the term “capital” when used in the rest of the article, the term refers to the wealth or advantage that a company or individual might have. This could be in reference to financial or social capital.

In reference to an individual or company that has more social capital; financially, creating a commercial could cost close to nothing. The reason for the low financial implications is that the agreement could be based on favours and charitable assistance to create the desired commercial.

For example, should a small local law firm look to shoot a commercial, they could negotiate with the local production company to shoot the commercial and receive free legal advice in exchange. For actors, the law firm could cut costs by utilising its staff members and the owner of the law firm. The venue could be the premises of the law firm, therefore, no costs would be incurred in securing a location. The law firm would probably need to cover menial costs, which is still relatively cheap.

On the other hand, should an individual or company rely on financial capital, the cost could be anything between four figures to infinity. Financial capital is what is used by conglomerates and big business to shoot their commercials, with many commercials amounting to anything between thousands to tens of millions of dollars. The only set cost for a commercial is acquiring advertising spots on television, radio, and other digital streaming platforms.