How much does it cost to advertise on CTV?

CTV has created a rate card for people looking to purchase ad space, with the minimum cost being for a 20-second commercial at $100 per second.

CTV is currently the biggest privately owned television network in Canada, however, that was not always that the case. CTV was originally known as the Canadian Television Network when it was first established more than 60 years ago in 1961. However, following the acquisition of the network by Bell Media in 2001, the network was renamed and abbreviated to CTV.

As a popular network, CTV has created and propagated a rate card, which details the different categories and stipulations that govern how much different organisation or entities would need to pay to secure advertising space. According to the rate card, the research fee is $100 per hour, with the first hour of research being for free. Secondly, the transfer fee is set at $200 per hour. It is important to note that the aforementioned prices and those to be mentioned are the minimum, as the final prices are based on hours and other aspects.

The cheapest rate for screeners is $100, at a minimum of $100 per second. Moreover, the stipulation on the $100 per second rate for ad space is that it should be a minimum of 20 seconds.

The rate card notes not just the cost of commercials, but also television placements. This is inclusive of commercials, television shows, music videos, television programmes, films, and other related television products. Moreover, the costing is broken down into three categories; one country, one continent and world.