How Facebook’s latest commercial is about inclusivity, not the shorts

Facebook Group’s latest commercial strategically manages to encourage inclusivity in an unordinary way, by making use of a stylish pair of shorts.

On Wednesday, 17 February 2021, Facebook published a new commercial for its Facebook Group feature. Following the topical Super Bowl LV, many companies and brands opted for humour in their latest commercials. Moreover, although some of them were not entirely humorous, they relied on a humorous plot twist at the end to be comical.

However, with the new Facebook Group commercial, there appears to be a slight change in the approach to the content of new commercials, now that the Super Bowl has passed. The new Facebook Group commercial highlights the need for inclusivity. The commercial is already garnering much popularity, not because of its celebration of inclusivity, but more so how it is portrayed. The commercial celebrates bodies and beings who are living their “authentic selves” on screen.

The purpose of the commercial is explained by the tagline, “I am beautiful.” The commercial features rapper and Grammy-nominated artist, CHIKA. The rapper has been hailed for her body positivity efforts, which are not only contained in her music, but also in the manner in which she curates her social media content.

In the commercial, CHIKA is wearing metallic micro-shorts, which she posts on Facebook and challenges her followers to wear the same micro-shorts as her. The post subsequently goes viral, and the commercial then showcases the various bodies that confidently donned the micro-shorts after CHIKA’s post.

Through the 30-second commercial, viewers are exposed to different worlds and scenarios that showcase how different bodies are able to wear and embrace the micro-shorts. The commercial does not attempt to spark laughs, but rather, seeks to inspire and shine a light on the need for inclusivity in the mainstream media.

Watch the commercial below.