How do you get to advertise the Dasani promotional campaign?

The Dasani promotional campaign was at its highest during 2019, however, it ended after Coca-Cola faced a setback in introducing the bottled water to new markets.

Dasani is soft drinks’ company, Coca-Cola’s answer to the demand in the market. The bottled water’s promotional campaign was arguably at its highest during 2019, when the company was looking to position its bottled water as the leading brand in the spring and still water range.

The success thereof was applauded by mainstream media. During that year, the Wall Street Journal reported on the brand and its marketing campaign. It stated, “’Dasani, a purified water with minerals added back in, is growing at more than twice the rate of Aquafina,’ says Kellam Graitcer, Dasani’s Senior Brand Manager. She says Coke is ‘hoping it won’t be very long’ before Dasani, which was introduced two years ago, seizes the [number one] spot. At the end of 2000, Dasani ranked third in US market share, according to trade publication Beverage Digest, behind leader Aquafina and Poland Spring, which is owned by Perrier.”

However, should one look into the social platforms created during the height of the popularity of the brand, it is apparent that the aggressive marketing strategy was halted in December 2019. There has been no formal reason for the complete halt of the promotional campaign yet, despite the product still being available in the United States.

Speculation has been that the attempt to infiltrate other markets led to the brand losing its promotional momentum. There has also been a case study to explore the supposed failure of Dasani in infiltrating the United Kingdom (UK) market. Two possible reasons were noted.  Firstly, the brand is believed to have stretched the truth about the origins of its water. Secondly, the promotional strategy used the term “spunk,” which means semen in the UK, therefore, it did not carry the same meaning as in the US.