How did they make the Evian baby commercial?

Evian Water has gained much traction for its frequent use of infants living like adults in commercials, which is done through special effects and the faces of the babies being the only “real” features.

Evian Water’s commercials are often based on the use of infants assuming adult roles. It is believed that the brand makes use of a process that is somewhat similar to photoshopping to achieve this. Photoshopping a person in a different place involves the layering and blending of images to create the desired setting.

Hence, in the creation of the Evian baby commercial, the same logic was applied. First, the brand chose a background, or location, one that was completely vacant of people. Thereafter, they added an animated body in front of the background. Once the animated bodies were positioned in place, an image of a real child’s head was pasted on the body to make it look like the animated body belongs to the face. Once that was done, additional layers were added on top of the babies and background. This was done to create a three-dimensional effect when the image moves.

Once the placements were made, the special effects team blended the background, middle and foreground together to produce a cohesive world. Moreover, the team is believed to have also animated the setting to produce a more realistic visual.