How Coca-Cola is still converting soda drinkers to Coke Zero  

Coca-Cola has released the latest Coke Zero commercial, which appears to still be targeted at convincing soda drinkers that the sugarless option is as good as the original.

Coca-Cola released the latest Coke Zero Sugar commercial in early 2021. The premise of the commercial is explained in the tagline, which is “Unbelievably Delicious: Aliens.” The 30-second commercial starts with a man descending from a UFO, who then begins running home on foot after his experience with what are assumed to be aliens.

The man then knocks on the door and his wife opens, whilst holding a bottle of the Coke Zero Sugar in her hand. At first, the man is shocked to see her holding the bottle and questions her. The wife responds in the affirmative, stating that she finds the taste delicious. Whilst affirming the taste of the sugarless beverage, it is then “abducted” by the same aliens that are believed to have kidnapped her husband. This time, however, the plot twist is that one of the aliens comes to dine with the couple, as they all enjoy the Coke Zero together.

A matter of interest is that the soft drink company is still working on asserting that the taste of the drink is no different from the original – though in actuality, it is. Since launching the beverage in 2005, the company has continuously tried to use its commercials and messaging to emphasise that the Coke Zero option is no different from the original.

According to the Coca-Cola website, “Since its 2005 introduction, Coca-Cola Zero™ has refreshed hundreds of millions of fans across America with its real Coca-Cola taste and zero calories. From its U.S. introduction into the Coca-Cola® trademark brand portfolio to its global expansion, the brand is sold in nearly 160 countries around the world.”

Watch the Coca-Cola’s Coke Zero commercial below.