How Coca-Cola fans are reacting to the soda changing flavour

Fans are reportedly sceptical about Coca-Cola changing the taste and look of Coke Zero, with many comparing this moment to the 1985 marketing decision that sparked outrage.

Coca-Cola is reportedly changing the flavour of its soda. The multinational beverage corporation announced that it was changing the taste and look of its most popular soft drink, the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, better known as Coke Zero.

Company officials said on Tuesday, 13 July 2021, that the aim was to change the drink in a way that would deliver an even more iconic Coke taste. Natalia Suarez, the Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola, said that the company had tinkered with the soda recipe to challenge the brand and innovate in order to keep up with the consumer landscape. The company added that the new flavour optimises existing Coca-Cola Zero Sugar flavours and existing ingredients.

However, not all fans are happy with the announcement and reports suggesting that the flavour change could result in an outrage, such as the one that occurred in 1985 when the same thing happened. Fans are sharing their worry and apprehension on social media, with some consumers vowing to change to other drinks, such as Diet Dr. Pepper and even Coca-Cola’s biggest rival, Pepsi.

Furthermore, some fans alluded to the “marketing disaster” that reportedly occurred in 1985, when Coca-Cola revealed a sweeter version of the original soft drink that was heavily rejected by consumers. According to reports, consumers hated the new coke so much, that the company was getting 1,500 complaint calls a day. Fans argued that the new version was too flat and sweet, and a spokesperson for Pepsi-Cola reportedly declared it a failure that was a tremendous opportunity for Pepsi.

Lastly, according to a detailed account of the 1985 marketing blunder on the company’s website, customers resorted to holding Coca-Cola employees personally responsible for the change. The flavour change angered people so much, that there was even reportedly one lawsuit that tried to make Coca-Cola return to its original formula.