How Allstate did not go for laughs in latest commercial

Allstate has released its newest commercial, which unexpectedly does not aim to provide humour or comic relief, but rather, focuses more on the aesthetics and visual presentation.

Allstate released its latest commercial on Monday, 11 January 2021. The commercial comes after the release of the insurance company’s shopping carts’ 30-second commercial, which, like a multitude of commercials released ahead of the biggest night for television commercials this Sunday, 7 February 2021, was aimed at providing humour.

The premise of the shopping carts commercial is a man that is intrigued by carts after buying his groceries. The rest of the commercial focuses on the man finding new and innovative ways to ensure that all the carts are placed back in place, while showcasing his gymnastic skills in the parking lot of the marketplace, ultimately sparking humour.

However, with the subsequent commercial, Allstate returned to the type of commercials that have garnered it praise. The latest commercial is a visually pleasing showcase that tells a succinct story. The commercial, titled “Moon,” is set on the surface of the moon. For 30 seconds, viewers see two astronauts’ joyride across the surface of the moon.

It is not only the quality of the visual that makes it appealing, but also the use of Smokey Robinson’s hit classis single, Cruisin’, as the soundtrack. Moreover, the editing of the commercial further contributes to viewers being engrossed into the world of slowed visuals and a vehicle being dragged across the moon.

In light of the upcoming Super Bowl LV, several companies have released humorous commercials that spark laughter. Allstate, however, followed a model that worked in the 2020 commercial, and opted to take viewers on a scenic journey instead.

Watch the Allstate Moon commercial below.