Has anyone seen the actual Claymation Noid used in commercials?

The Noid was Domino’s Pizza’s mascot since the 1980s, but was discontinued after a robbery at a Domino’s branch by someone that had the same last name as The Noid.

The Noid was Domino’s Pizza’s mascot back in the 1980s. The mascot was popular amongst the youth of the 1980s, and secured two television games at the height of its popularity. The mascot was described as “a gibbering, pot-bellied, buck-toothed pervert squeezed into a skin-tight rabbit costume, The Noid was a Hamburglar-like character wholly devoted to delaying pizza deliveries.”

The fictional character was animated and created by the marketing and advertising agency, Group 243. Despite the appearance and purpose of the mascot, The Noid was popular. Therefore, its demise was not its fault, nor was it the advertising agency’s; it was reportedly due to an unforeseeable event.

In 1989, a man by the name of Kenneth Lamar Noid held a Domino’s Pizza branch at ransom, demanding $100 000. Despite the workers that were held hostage being safely removed from the situation, the incident negatively affected perception of the mascot, hence it was discontinued.