Greenies and DDB strike gold with stick-themed commercials

Greenies recently struck gold when it released the first of its stick-themed series of commercials, which is expected to continue because of the release of the second edition.

In November 2020, Greenies released its festive-themed commercial. The commercial was the first of its stick-themed series, which has garnered much attention for the brand that is focused on dental health for dogs. The commercial sees a boy and his furry best friends appreciating the final product after making a snowman.

The comedy is introduced in the voiceover, which starts by stating, “Dogs don’t know what is good for them.” As the voiceover sets the context, the visuals showcase the dog looking hungrily at the hand, in the form of a stick, of the snowman before biting it off. While the boy is surprised at the moment and the dog is enjoying his treat, the snowman then comes to life and screams upon realising that his one limb has been bitten off. As the snowman screams, the young boy faints.

Following the release of the commercial, it was applauded for being the first commercial of that kind from the company. The commercial marked the beginning of the relationship between Greenies and world-renowned ad agency, DDB. According to the DDB website, “We believe creativity is the most powerful force in business. For the last 70 years, we have used creativity to drive growth for thousands of clients in hundreds of countries around the world – all by tapping into the power of human emotion.”

The partnership has produced a second commercial in the series, which has led to the public complimenting Greenies for having found its niche in the commercials space. Moreover, it is believed to have secured the continued working relationship between the company and DDB.

The second edition of the stick-themed commercials is based on a man stuck on an island. As in the first commercial, the voiceover begins by stating, “Dogs don’t know what is good for them.” The commercial then cuts to the man’s dog running with a stick in his mouth.

Seeing this, the man’s face turns white as he runs towards the dog. The commercial then cuts to an aerial shot of the man panicking, with the word “help” written on the ground next to him. A plane then flies past and sees the sign and the man waving frantically. The plane flies past and the man is, again, left with his dog and the stick that had helped in writing out the cry for help.

Watch the commercial below.