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Gosloto predictions correctly guess two of today’s final morning results

The Gosloto Morning Predictions are hopefully turning over a new leaf, having accurately estimated two of today’s final digits.

Today’s Russia Gosloto Morning results consisted of the following numbers: 22,  15,  05,  31,  29,  04.

The applicable predictions managed to forecast the first and last figures of this draw – specifically numbers 22 and 04.

Twenty-two was found in the prediction’s Hot Pairs (16-37, 2-24 and 21-22), whilst 04, as is usually the case, appeared in the most commonly-drawn winning numbers: “…3, 4, 28, 38, 36 and 17 – with 18 bubbling under.”

Naturally, these two lucky guesses are no hallmark for the Russia Gosloto Morning Predictions. However, they are still a far cry from last week when the article, ‘Gosloto Morning Predictions seem to be getting worse at forecasting future draws,’ was released.

Hopefully, this symbolises a turning point for all future Gosloto Morning predictions.

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